To promote free and equitable society with respect for human values and dignity 

Pro-bono Service

BAHRN has 60 lawyers whom represent victims of violations and abuses by state actors and nonstate actors who are in need of legal service in the court.

BAHRN is a network member of legal intervention network with lawyers across nigeria that support its legal intervention accross Nigeria but with more focus in Northern Nigeria .


Paralegal Service

BAHRN Has about  500 Paralegals.

They are non lawyers and cannot assume the duties of Lawyers but are trained on human rights tools. They are located in grass roots communities , they monitor, document and report human rights violations and abuses on daily basis to the secretariat for analysis before making any referrals or further action .

They also mediate on civil cases in their respective communities. They are people of good character and outstanding in their communities.


Peace and Conflict Resolution

BAHRN is working on conflict early warning and early response(EWER) , Counter Violence Extreamism (CVE), medaition and recouncilations , transformational peace dialogue and Peace Architectural Dialogue (PAD).



BAHRN is actively involved in the promotion of good governance , women participation in governance , youth participation in Governance, Election observation, Budget tracking , Policy dialogue, anti curruption campaign .etc


Bauchi Human Rights Network, No 11 Basma Plaza, Dass Road Bauchi Nigeria 
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